Worth understanding (reading)

Opinion | China Is the Future of the Sharing Economy – Bloomberg https://apple.news/AANKQ8yagQuSw3HX5EiuKJA
Robots Taking Over U.S. Factories Imperil Emerging-Market Growth – Bloomberg https://apple.news/AQcE3BvynTlii2KQ6pXoEfA
If the above story proves to be true. Utility stocks may lose some of their predictive function in systematic training.

Most of us have been riding the trend in the above story. Tim does great job as usual on research. There will be yet another ETF based on this work in three, two, one,…

The above story is good news. China has surplus construction materials and will have more as they continue tightening their credit. Pakistan needs increasing openness to speed up the Idea Cycle which will help them have a religious reformation. 

David Brooks is the best columnist in the world. That’s all.