About Me

Who is Nathan Joel? And what is Think Global Macro?

Rumors abound. It could be that Nathan Joel is a privacy-obsessed prop-desk manager. Or an international leader of spiritual enlightenment. Or a financial ninja exhausted from modeling the macro moment.

Indeed, a WWE promoter might describe Nathan Joel as the “Greatest Mind of This or Any Generation!” Cosmopolitan magazine might call him “the most fascinating polymath we have ever breathlessly interviewed!” The greatest men of our time have been heard to say, “When I grow up, I want to be Nathan Joel!”  Children, elders, and animals love him. Don Equis adopted their current and most successful ad campaign after meeting him. But those are all small things. More importantly, Nathan Joel is a man of notable and celebrated humility.

This is what we know. Nathan Joel has been trading the markets since 1992. He is scarred and wise, benevolent and patient. Only his essential goodness and profound self-discipline keep him from massive cynicism. He sees fools and their folly. Politicians and their polls. The group-think of the popular moment.  Indeed, in these trying times, one must suffer fools, blowhards, and reality-TV stars. Thus, one must purge. Yes, you heard it. Finger down the throat –purge. Loud, obnoxious, guttural.

Because Nathan Joel is generous in the manner of the noble-hearted, he will proffer thoughts on his trading outlook and positions. He will also opine on books, podcasts, politics, philosophy, and his multi-year obsession with a form of three-dimensional athletic chess known as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

That is Think Global Macro.

Look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair…