At least Elon Won’t Spend It On A Yacht

Ah, Elon Musk, that Mars-obsessed billionaire who can’t seem to resist making more money. Recently reclaiming the crown as the world’s richest person, thanks to Tesla shares soaring like one of his SpaceX rockets. Yet, what sets him apart from the billionaire boys club is not just his penchant for colonizing other planets or launching cars into space but what he doesn’t do with his money. While other moguls might splurge on ostentatious yachts or golden toilets, Musk opts for robots, rockets, and cyborgs.

Musk is not just content to sit back and enjoy his wealth in earthly delights. Instead, he’s got his eyes firmly set on another payday. This time it’s from Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite-broadband branch, poised for a potential spinoff and IPO. According to Chamath Palihapitiya, the venture capitalist with a crystal ball, we should expect this financial extravaganza within the year, potentially rocketing Musk’s fortune to new stratospheric heights.

Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal was abuzz with news of SpaceX’s attempts to boost its valuation to a cool $150 billion. This plan seems to involve letting employees sell stock, a move as unconventional as the man himself. Musk, ever the maverick, is not just dabbling in space travel, but also space economics.

When asked about the potential Starlink IPO, Musk responded with a classic Muskian quip: “It would not be legal for me to speculate about a Starlink IPO,” followed by laughter. His chuckle carried an undeniable hint of irony. After all, when has legal speculation ever been a deterrent for a man planning to colonize Mars?

So, as Musk’s wealth continues to expand like the universe he’s so keen to explore, we can find solace in one thing: that added wealth probably won’t end up invested in luxury yachts or extravagant parties. Instead, it will be funneled into his vast array of futuristic projects. After all, why buy a yacht when you can invest in building a spaceship?

So let’s raise a glass (or a spacesuit helmet) to Musk. Here’s to hoping that the increase in his fortune propels us all into a future filled with cool technology, courtesy of the eccentric billionaire who prefers rockets to yachts.