Next bubble…

Perhaps you were looking for the next big bubble in American financial history. If so I have identified it for you. And you should ride it but never believe the hype. Get some method of momentum following. Use it. (And just in case you were wondering you have probably already missed the first third of the move.) It’s machine learning. Please don’t believe it is general AI. It’s not.

Start-ups are hard…

So I’m starting to blog about global markets and anything else I am interested in. Believe me, this isn’t really for you, it’s for me. It’s therapy. But I would love for you to benefit from my bloody years of learning.


A widget of some kind that shows my current market position or orientation.

A regular list of things worth reading in the media.

A recommended reading list of books that changed my views.

A commitment to fun and general light-heartedness.

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