A machine has figured out Rubik’s Cube all by itself – MIT Technology Review

…random turns of a Rubik’s Cube cannot easily be rewarded, since it is hard to judge whether the new configuration is any closer to a solution. And a sequence of random turns can go on for a long time without reaching a solution, so the end-state reward can only be offered rarely.
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New Evidence Shows Our Darkest Fears Can Be Rewired | Inverse

Extrapolate this science 50 Years and the world looks very different. The evils of the future may be very different than today.

Deep-seated fear memories can potentially be rewired, researchers say. A ‘Science’ paper published Thursday shows new evidence suggesting fearful memories that dwell deep in the brain’s neural circuitry don’t have to be a burden forever. It’s possible, the paper suggests, that they can be rewired.
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Why the Future of Machine Learning is Tiny « Pete Warden’s blog

Photo by Kevin Steinhardt When Azeem asked me to give a talk at CogX, he asked me to focus on just a single point that I wanted the audience to take away. A few years ago my priority would have been convincing people that deep learning was a real revolution, not a fad, but there…
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Ultra-capacitor hybrid radically boosts power and efficiency of lithium batteries

Combining the unique strengths of lithium batteries with crazy-fast charging, carbon ultra-capacitors could save a ton of weight and add significant range and power to electric vehicles, according to this fascinating French startup.
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Five Reasons We Don’t Know What the Future Will Look Like | AIER

Great work. Clear. Concise.

We love to prognosticate, but it’s impossible to do so without severely glossing over the complexities of the real world. That leads us to false dichotomies, like “Blockchain technology will change everything” versus “Blockchain is all hype.”
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AI will spell the end of capitalism – The Washington Post

Here is a new old argument. Central planning! Except done by AI. I disagree. Markets will not be replaced, but made more efficient by AI closer to the need/supply decision makers.

Mass unemployment caused by AI will usher in communism.
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