the greatest race in the world (AI)

Artificial intelligence is coming, and it will change everything. The application of AI requires three basic components. First, deep learning and artificial neural networks require data for the learning process by which they train themselves to generate algorithms: so in a world of AI inflection, access to data — public, private, or proprietary — will become a key economic variable for company performance. Companies with data and the capacity to generate it, as well as companies with the political savvy to make use of externally generated public and private data, will benefit. The second necessary component is hardware. Today’s chip leaders will likely not be tomorrow’s. The key is the arrival of neuromorphic chips which discard the legacy chip architecture in favor of new architectures intrinsically suited for deep learning application — neuromorphic chips. Look not just for manufacturers, but for those companies that can harness network effects to win dominance in the adoption of their chips and their programming ecosystem. The final component is the training systems; look for companies able to implement fast and cheap training systems at scale.

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