Trade update 6/8/17

I closed my financial short, ixm, because the regression trade seems to have awoken during the Comey textimony. It was particularly frustrating to have the only regression model I trade say I should be long ixm rather than short. So I closed. Update more on this soon.  I’m naked at the moment. Long nq with no hedges other than some puts on apple. The money I made on my bond hedges was lost to the ixm hedge.  However, that’s hedging. I expect to lose money on hedges. Net price on the hedge was about 90 basis points. That’s close to market rates with put hedging. I’m still modeling the sector hedging game. Not satisfied that I’m not the sucker. But to be fair shorting any market with a positive drift makes one feel stupid. Just as being long in a bull market makes fools feel like geniuses. I’ve been all of the above. Still believe the market will test our courage before the leaves fall. Looking to get long bonds and gold as some point. I need something to help me sleep with an intemperate man in the White House. “Why did we nuke Mexico? Because someone insulted Ivanka? That makes sense, sir.  Well done!” 

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