A transplant of CRISPR-edited liver cells could replace lifelong injections for hemophilia B patients | FierceBiotech

More CRISPR magic…

A Salk Institute team found transplanting liver cells into hemophilic mice restored their ability to form blood clots. The hope is that this one-and-done treatment could replace the frequent injections of clotting factors currently used to treat the inherited blood disorder.
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Scientists map out enzyme that could help fight aging and cancer

Researchers at UC Berkeley have now mapped out the structure of telomerase – an enzyme known to play a key role in aging and cancer – in more detail than ever before, and the breakthrough could inform a new generation of highly-targeted drugs.
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Precision optical components created with inkjet printing: New additive manufacturing technique could be used to combine optics, microfluidics and electronics on a single chip — ScienceDaily

If this tech could mature it would enable a new wave of garage entrepreneurship

Researchers have developed an inkjet printing technique that can be used to print optical components such as waveguides, an approach that could advance a variety of devices such as optical sensors used for health monitoring and lab-on-a-chip devices.
— Read on www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/04/180425120206.htm

AI-enhanced instrumentation – the fusion of deep learning and medical sensors creates dramatic improvements

The benefits inherent in dramatically-improved medical imaging are huge, and provides examples for similar developments in other industries.
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Decline in World Fertility Rates Lowers Risks of Mass Starvation – Bloomberg

Sad to say goodbye to this myth of fear… we will find something else to terrify ourselves with…

The Earth and humanity will survive as fertility rates fall almost everywhere.
— Read on www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-03-16/decline-in-world-fertility-rates-lowers-risks-of-mass-starvation

Researchers engineer yeast to manufacture complex medicine | News Center | Stanford Medicine

The only source of noscapine, a cough suppressant with potential anti-cancer properties, is opium poppies. Yet Stanford bioengineers have found a new way of producing the drug: reconstructing its biosynthetic pathway in yeast.
— Read on med.stanford.edu/news/all-news/2018/04/researchers-engineer-yeast-to-manufacture-complex-medicine.html

Researchers Steer Cyborg Mice Through Maze with Brain Stimulation – IEEE Spectrum

This kind of research is just getting started, much more to come… black mirror

Video shows a cyborg mouse ignoring sex and food as it obeys humans’ navigation commands
— Read on spectrum.ieee.org/the-human-os/biomedical/devices/researchers-steer-cyborg-mice-through-maze-with-brain-stimulation

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